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If you’re looking for a different kind of training experience, you’ve come to the right place! No talking heads, lengthy lectures, or PowerPoint snoozers here. Kim offers conflict prevention and communication skills training experiences that are interactive and hands-on to equip you with practical skills, allow you to practice skills in real-time, and give you immediate feedback. These engaging workshops use evidence-based processes to foster clear, compassionate communication, increased productivity, and improved cooperation.

Kim has over 30 years of experience in management, leadership, and adult education. Having worked his way up from being a janitor and laborer to corporate management, he knows what hard work looks like and the challenges companies face. Kim's trainings are borne from experience, not just theory or other peoples’ writings.


These topics are just starting points. Kim offers customized group trainings tailored to your specific needs instead of canned presentations. Too many of us have experienced "seagull trainers" who swoop in making a lot of noise, splat on the situation, and then fly out—with little impact. Kim's customized approach helps target problem and opportunity areas to affect real change.

Improving Customer Service

We all have customers and we all are customers. Learn ways to offer better customer service and also be the best customer to others.

Delegating Effectively for Leaders

Explore why you should delegate, what you should delegate, when you should delegate, and to whom you should (or shouldn’t) delegate.

Interviewing Techniques for Hiring Managers

Prep for the interview, ask the right questions, and get the right candidate. Avoid potential lawsuits from poorly run interviews.

De-Escalation Techniques

Learn how to use various verbal and somatic (body-oriented) techniques to help de-escalate typical conflict situations.

Yes, There Is an "I" in Team

Failing to recognize the individuality of members in a team can cause conflict. Learn to build on individual strengths to make your team more successful.

Introduction to Conflict Resolution

Core principles and practical strategies for resolving conflicts at work, home, and everywhere else!

Stress Can't Kill You, but You Can Tame It

Learn powerful ways to reframe and tame stress, and maybe even capitalize on it. 

Somatic Conflict Resolution

Use the body’s wisdom for personal breakthroughs and learn evidence-based somatic strategies for increasing awareness and connection.

David Wyrick, Moneta, VA

"Kim’s ability to focus the group, execute the training, redirect the angry outbursts, listen, and respond was an experience that I will never forget and I continue to make use of in my day-to-day life."


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The cost of custom trainings depends on the number of people, amount of customization, travel time, etc. Prices start at $200/hour.


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