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Tired of fighting? Do you believe there must be a better way to reach harmonious solutions? Mediation can be used to resolve disputes about almost anything, from a workplace conflict to a co-parenting disagreement to a problem with a neighbor.


As a professional certified mediator, Kim can help you find  resolution and agreement. Mediation is a voluntary process where a skilled, neutral third-party helps people get to the real issues, talk about them in a safe environment, and come to agreement on how they will move forward.


As a mediator, Kim holds a fiercely compassionate space for conflicting opinions and helps the parties involved find creative solutions. One of his goals is to change negative attitudes toward conflict into productive action and realistic, agreeable solutions. Everyone gets heard, increasing communication and restoring trust among all involved.


Mediation allows you to meet at a time and place of your choosing to best serve your needs.

This might be in-person at Kim’s Roanoke office, via the telephone, or electronically using Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc.


The mediator helps people talk through the issues, explore options, and reach an agreement that can be tailored to meet each person's needs.

All the people in conflict get to be heard and get to design their own unique and workable solutions with the help of the mediator.


Mediation is voluntary; everyone involved has to agree to mediate or it won't happen. If you find have an unwilling partner, you can still get help through conflict coaching—a separate, one-on-one process that helps individuals learn conflict-prevention and communication techniques.


Mediation is private; only the people involved are present. There are no lawyers, judges, or other professionals present  unless the parties agree to include them. Nothing said in mediation can be used later as evidence (with some exceptions, such as evidence of child abuse).

However, mediation is not suitable for every situation.

Mediation can’t change the law; we cannot mediate things that are criminal or illegal.

Mediation is not appropriate when there is violence or abuse. This may need to be handled by law enforcement.

Mediation can be therapeutic; however, it is not therapy.

Mediation cannot happen between any parties who are not mentally competent.


Sacil Armstrong, Newport News, VA

"Kim has a wonderful capacity to ask just the right question in just the right way to clarify and elicit greater awareness and growth. He brings the experience of working as a mediator, trainer, and coach in a host of different situations."


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